The Interplay of Shiva & Shakti – Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

At the foundation of our very existence is the polarity of masculine & feminine, Shiva & Shakti, which together play and dance our lives and the universe into creation.

Often misunderstood in society, tantric tradition has honours the importance of these energies in our sexuality, relationships, and throughout our lives. For this interplay masculine & feminine is part of our communion with the divine, our harmony within ourselves, and our expansion into the oneness of all that exists.

In this workshop we’ll be outlining how divine masculine & feminine energies come from the deep spiritual understandings which have been known as Shiva & Shakti. We’ll be sharing how these energies are really completely seperate and independent from the genders of ‘male’ and ‘female’, and how we can create harmony of the masculine and feminine in our lives, relationships, and tantric practice. We’ll then take you on an experiential journey of embodying these energies within themselves, and playfully interacting with others through energy, movement and touch.

This will give you greater clarity on the power of these energies in an embodied sense as well as intellectual sense, and open you to new possibilities of experiencing the clarity, presence, direction, stillness and holding of the masculine, and the mystery, movement, radiance, flow, openness and passion of the feminine.