The Art of Loving Women

When a man comes into his own erotic confidence and masculine power, a deeper level of fullness is experienced.  It’s from this place that a man’s ability to love a woman expands; through letting go of everything he thinks he knows about women and leaning into his own brilliant ability to deeply love the feminine.

What if men learned to deeply and authentically love a woman?

What if a man learned to love the feminine inside of him?

What happens when men let go of the stories they tell themselves about women? 

What if all the inner obstacles that men face or get triggered by in a woman could be released?

In this workshop, we will dive deeply into the art of loving a Woman.

This workshop is for both men and women and will be closed with a very powerful ritual that honours the true essence and gratitude for these beautiful women in the world.

If you have ever felt into the challenge and the difficulties of being a female body on this journey of life, this workshop is for you.

If you have ever wanted to really release and let go of all your inner judgements, resentments and guilts towards women, this is for you.