Tantric Breathwork

As a REbirthing Breathworker, this is taking it to another level, focusing on the tantric connection with another and breathing together, connected at the perenium in scissors possition lying down (clothes on). First starting alone for the first 20 minutes and then connecting with the partner. Our breathing affects the way we feel and vice versa. The way we feel, influences our behaviour and our attitudes. The way we inhale reflects the way we take life in. The way we exhale reflects the way we let go or not. Our breath mirrors our relationship with our world. The intention of "the conscious connected breath" is to create an open and relaxed relationship with breathing and so transforming our life. Breathe to free yourself from limitations of old trauma, conditioning and negative patterns. Rebirthing Transformational Breathwork is a transformative conscious energy breathing technique. If you don't have issues like trauma or anxiety, this tool helps re-energize after a stressful day or week and release tension that you don’t even realize you are holding onto until it’s gone! Breath is the bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, bringing healing in physical body, mental body and even spiritual levels. The process is an adventure in self discovery. It need not be traumatic or dramatic. It is however, about allowing and honouring the thoughts and feelings which are present. The breath speeds up the integration of the new perspective.