Tantra of the Heart – Fundamentals to Tantra

Join Anjali Love for a heart-based Tantra workshop to explore what Tantra truly is. We hear the word Tantra a lot, but what is it? What does it really mean? You can find out the answers at this beginner’s fundamentals to Tantra workshop and have a taste of what Tantra truly is.

In this workshop, you will experience an expansion of consciousness and capacity to give and receive love, you will have a better understanding of how to honour the God & Goddess, the divinity within each other, and most importantly, how to bring the sacredness into every aspect of your life.

You will find the grounded still point of presence within yourself. We will also explore genuine and authentic communications, understanding how to communicate your boundaries and consent honestly, holding space for each other without compromising your individuality & integrity.

Anjali has a unique approach to her teaching, and she teaches from presence and works with the energy of the participants in the moment. All her teaching is heart-based, experiential and a direct download from the consciousness.
You may also come to understand why tantra, known as the higher and the fastest path to enlightenment, is the unique, life- embracing path and perhaps the most suitable path for most modern people.

* This workshop is open to all genders, sexual and relational orientation. It is not required you have a partner for this workshop. Both singles and couples are welcome.