Mickey Space


Mickey Space specialises in holding space. Whether on a dance floor as a DJ, co-ordinating events and festivals or on your mat as a yoga teacher.

The music maestro, DJ messiah & yogi, born by aliens to infuse funk, phunk and damned crazy antics on dance floors worldwide... transcending various scenes and genres, from the club scene to the festival circuit at Rainbow, Maitreya and more. His Dj sets are "electrifying"! Famous for being the founding father of the Koh Tao party scene in Thailand, having lived there for 8 years establishing some of the most creative party venues alternative to the Full Moon Party vibe on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan.

Also a long term yogi, Mickey has taught yoga for more than a dozen years and has been immersed in it's practice for over two decades, having studied with some great masters of asana, tantra and vedaita.