Magic of Connection

Tantra offers a unique framework to heal deeply and to open to the fullest bliss possible, because it is a path which takes into account all of who we are as physical, spiritual and sexual beings. No matter what we’ve experienced in the past, Tantric principles & practices have the capacity to heal us very deeply, as long as we are applying them with safety and integrity.

Through unblocking and releasing ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically, we can open to not only blissful and transcendent experiences of sexuality & intimacy, but experience every moment as a healing union with the life-force of the universe itself.

In this workshop We will discuss the healing powers of approaching tantra as a healing path from three different perspectives of Alison, Simon & Lora, including a discussion on boundaries, consent, and ways to safely be in a tantric space of those with insecurities or past trauma.

We will then offer some guided practices to illustrate and embody some of the topics we cover in the talk - to enable you to feel in your body the sense of freedom to create your own boundaries, and to discover your own truth about how you relate to a tantric space. To be fully authentic in whatever is happening for you and, open to the bliss of being fully connected to love and the divine in tantric practice.

This workshop is designed to empower, inform and create possibilities of joy. It will be relevant and interesting to anyone who is interested in the topic, and who would like to learn more about healing themselves, and creating safe spaces for others to heal and grow.