Inner Union: Time to break up with your own bullshit

So much of our bullshit (blockages and barriers to Love) stem from not knowing how how to truly be with ourselves, be with our pain, be with our joy and love all it all.

We want to escape our pain and discomfort by breaking up with someone, leaving our job, leaving the state or for some, leaving our body.  What if instead we broke up with our own bullshit?

There is ONLY ever one reason you are not in your ease – and that is because you still have emotional anchors holding you in the past. To let go of your past is not just a decision you can wake up one morning and do.  Unless you are willing to cultivate inner union, you will end up shoving down your past, shoving down your emotions and what is really going on in there, ignoring it and distracting it with your environment.

So, how do you cultivate inner union? Come to this workshop and find out.