Gathering for the Feminine

Is your inner Goddess ready to be awaken? An important aspect in Tantra is about honouring the Divine Feminine.

In today’s patriarchal society, the feminine has been largely ignored. It is time for us to get in touch with the femininity, to awaken and honour the Goddess within, so we can unlock our fullest potential and walk on the path of embodiment in this human life.

A true Goddess is someone who embraces the Divine Feminine but also have a good balance of the Divine Masculine. The Feminine and the Masculine are not separated, rather they complement each other. Just like the Taoist Yin Yang symbol, the Yin embraces the Yang and the Yang holds for the Yin.

In this workshop, we will awaken the Tantric Goddess within us, explore our sensual body and femininity. We will also explore the aspect of the Divine Masculine in a feminine body. What does it mean to obtain Inner Union for the Goddess, for us to feel whole and complete within, so our sharing with others is simply a sharing of pure love & joy, not out of neediness, expectations, fears & attachment.