Conscious relating workshop 

Welcome to the heart-centred beginners’ tantric breath-work/conscious relating workshop! Open to both couples and singles and to anyone wanting to improve their connection to themselves and others.

This heart-warming workshop, held in a very respectful, supportive space, focuses on our intimacy through the ancient tantric perspective. It is held in a very open, intimate, safe and supportive space.

Besides tantra you will also experience a hypnotic journey with a strong focus on expending your sensual intimacy potential and releasing and letting go what no longer serves us.

Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Breathing exercises that will rekindle your connection to yourself and your partner

  • Bridging intimacy and spirituality

  • Learning to communicate your deepest feelings

  • Deepen the relationship with yourself and your partner

  • Reclaim orgasmic connection that has always been with you

  • Connecting to our life force energy, increasing it, nurturing it and sublimating life force energy

  • Removing the masks and deepening the connections

  • Improving your body image and discovering your innate beauty

  • Discovering the joy of knowing how to connect with others.

  • Healing through sacred union and life force energy

  • Examining and changing the habits and patterns that get in the way of love and intimacy.

  • You will be also introduced to tantric healing

Take a Risk, Trust, Listen, Share, Laugh, Honour thyself and others!

Connect to your deep sensual self as a special – and sacred – part of your life.