Chakra Yoga

Journey through the chakras, our psychic centres in the fusion of, Yin and Hatha class. A deeply nurturing class to help bring balance to the entire body right down on a cellar level. Helping you feel restored and revitalised, grounded so you can start your day, your week with your cup full and live to your fullest potential. Soulistic Yoga is a holistic approach to the ancient body, mind and spirit using Yoga as a powerful way to become centred and grounded. Allowing you energy and your mind to be clear and expansive.

This kind of yoga appeals to those who are up for both energetical and physical challenges. It is a holistic approach to the yoga journey, concerned with the flow of energy both within the body and the chakra system, expanding our sensory perception to include subtler aspects of our being, practicing from a deeper part of the self and opening to greater awareness with the innate wisdom of the body that comes to life through consciousness and focus, intuition and surrender, as it overflows from your practice into your daily life.

A 60 minute class will include pranayamas (breath exercises), warming up, sun salutations, asanas dedicated to each chakra, which we hold for 1-3 minutes to deepen the effects, and final relaxation.