Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (verses 37 - 49)

Verse 38

Bathe deeply in that ocean of sound
Vibrating within you, now as always,
Resonating softly,
Permeating the space of the heart.

The ear that is tuned by rapt listening
Learns to hear the song of creation.

First like a hand bell,
Then subtler, like a flute,
Sutler still as a stringed instrument,
Eventually as the buzz of a bee.

Entering this current of sound,
The Listening One
Forgets the external world, becomes
Absorbed into internal sound,
Then absorbed in vastness,
Like the song of the stars as they shine.

Verse 39

The roar of joy that set the worlds in motion
Is reverberating in your body
And the space between all bodies.
Beloved, listen.

Find that exuberant vibration
Rising new in every moment,
Humming in your secret places,
Resounding through the channels of
Know you are flooded by it always.

Float with the sound.
Melt with it into divine silence.
The sacred power of space will carry you
Into the dancing radiant emptiness
That is the source of all.
The ocean of sound is inviting you
Into its spacious embrace,
Calling you home.

Verse 40

Think of any vowel - they are all delicious.
Savour the sound with infinite gentleness.
Attend to where it comes from
within you
And where it goes to when it fades away.

Listen to the subtle, ever-changing
Layer upon layer.
Discover what gradualness is.
The power of sound will lead you
Into the power of silence.

Syllables are born from space,
Resonate in space, then melt into

Know this silent spaciousness as
your Self.

Verse 41

Immerse yourself in the rapture of music.
You know what you love. Go there.

Tend to each note, each chord,
Rising up from silence and dissolving again.

Vibrating strings draw us
Into the spacious resonance of the

The body becomes light as the sky
And you, one with the Great Musician,
Who is even now singing us
Into existence.

Verse 42

Bodies feed on sound,
Sonic waves on inner waters
Nourish every nerve.
Vibration strengthens bones.
Ecstatic undulation awaits you.

Take a bite of crunchy k, slippery s, a rugged Rrrr.
Enjoy a yummy vowel - ah, ee, oo, or uu.
Throw it in a bowl of Mmmm.
Treasure the impact on your tongue

Kreem, Shreem, Raam, Yumm, Hreem, Laam.

Pronounce a sound outlaid, then
whisper softly.
Now hear with your inner ear.
Allow the resonance to enchant you within.
The sound goes on resounding, continuing of itself.
As the hum dissolves into silence,
Be nurtured
In the tenderness of infinite space.

Verse 43

The radiance of space permeates the body
And all directions simultaneously.
Space is always here,
Already here before your noticing of it.

What we call space is a presence,
Permission to exist,
And worlds within which to express.

Without thinking about it,
Without forming mental images,
Rest in this vast expanse,
Friends with infinity.

Verse 44

Your back is a gateway to to the sky.
The celestial dance,
The story of space and time,
Is coded in the spine.

Attend simultaneously
To the area around your tailbone,
Vibrating with luminous space,
And to the spine as a channel
Gushing with radiant emptiness.

Where particles flash in and out of existence,
Is the origin of mind.

Verse 45

Behind the spine is infinity.
Below the perineum,
Invisible pulsating roots
Open downward into space.

The heart is wide as a spiral galaxy.

Steadily consider
Back, root, heart,
And know the living body of vastness.
That you are.

Verse 46

Forget all of your ideas about the body —
It’s this way or it’s that way.

Just be with any area of it,
This present body,
As permeated with limitless space,
Drenched in freedom.

Verse 47

This body is made of earth and gold,
Sky and stars, rivers and oceans,
Masquerading as muscle and bone.
Every substance is here:
Diamonds and silver, magical elixirs,
Ambrosia that gives visions,
Herbs that nourish and heal.
The foundation of the planet,
Immortal magnetic iron,
Circulating in the blood.

Every element in you loves the others:
Earth loves rain, sky loves sun,
Sun loves the space it shines through,
Space loves everyone equally.

In meditation, luxuriate in knowing
this deep and simple truth.
Every cell is an organ of sense
Infused with majesty.

Verse 48

Attend to the skin
As a subtle boundary
Containing vastness.

Enter that pulsing immensity.
Discover that you are not separate
From anything there.

There is no inside,
There is no outside,
There is no other —

No object to mediate upon that is
not you.

Verse 49

The One Who Is at Play Everywhere says,
There is a space in the heart where
everything meets,
Come here if you want to find me.
Mind, senses, soul, eternity — all are here.
Are you here?

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.
Listen to the song that is always resonating.
Give yourself to it with total abandon.
Quiet ecstasy is here.
And a steady, regal sense
Of resting in a perfect spot.
You who are the embodiment of
Once you know the way,
The nature of attention will call you
to return.
Again and again, answer that call,
And be saturated with knowing,
”I belong here, I am at home.”

Anjali Love