Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Verses 13 - 23)

Verses 13 - 14

All the stories about me
Are like tales you tell naughty children -
The goblin is going to come gobble you up!
Or else soothing fables mothers spin
As they hand out sweets.

Leave these fantasies behind.
Let me tell you of the luminous path.

I am beyond measure. I cannot be calculated.
I am beyond space and time.
I am beyond ancient and beyond the future.
There are no directions to me.

Verses 15 - 16

I am always here.
I am the embrace
Of your most intimate experience.

Though I am beyond the intellect,
I am not beyond your darling.

I am the nourishing state of fullness
That is the essence of soul.
You belong to me, and I am yours.

My nature is spotless, completely
I am not covered up, not even by a billion galaxies.
So who is there to worship and adore?
There is no one to appease.

Verses 17-19

Sacred texts sing of my reality,
But I cannot be found in them,
For I am the one listening.
I am always closer than breath.

Heat and fire are not two separate things.
These are just verbal distinctions.

The Goddess and the One who holds Her
Are one and the same.
We are inseparable.
The way to me is through Her.

Verses 20 - 21

I am everywhere, infusing everything.
To find me,
Become absorbed in intense experience.
Go all the way.
Be drenched in the energies of life.
Enter the world beyond separation.

The light of a candle reveals a room.
The rays of the sun reveal the world.
So does the divine feminine
Illumine the way to me.

Verses 22- 23

She Who Shines Everywhere sings,

You who hold the mysteries in your hand

Of will, knowledge and action —
Reveal to me this path of illumined knowing.

I long to merge with you,
Be filled with your nourishing essence.
Lead me into joyous union
With the life of the universe,
That I may know it fully,
Realise it deeply,
And breathe in luminous truth.

Anjali Love