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Anjali Love will be offering the following workshops at the festival:

1) Tantra of the Heart - Fundamentals to Tantra

time: Friday 22nd March 2:30- 4.30pm

2) Gathering for the feminine

time: Saturday 23rd March 2:30 - 4:30pm

3) Tantra Chakra Transformation

time: Sunday 24th March 11 - 1pm

4) AUM Meditation

time: Sunday 24th March 5-7pm

Anjali Love

Anjali Love is an international sacred feminine and tantra teacher, mystic, author, multidisciplinary artist, medium, energy healer, spiritual guide & visionary.

A lightworker, a multidimensional being and an artist of life, Anjali dances, sings, writes, lives and breathes through the Divine, embodying the Divine Feminine in all forms. She is nothing and everything.

Coming from the Soul linage of Goddesses & Dakinis (from the ancient Chinese Taoist tantric lineage), she is fully guided by the Divine, Ascended Masters & Goddesses to help raise consciousness of the planet through various creative mediums and processes including Tantric work, Sacred Feminine work, writing, performance art & creating conscious events and festivals.

She facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world, teaches regularly at conscious festivals, offering online courses and spiritual guidance. Anjali channels from the Divine Light & Divine Feminine and each of her retreats & workshop is a direct download from the Spirit.

She is also the creatrix of a number of conscious festivals and events including Melbourne Tantra Festival and Melbourne Ecstatic Festival and Ecstatic Dance Melbourne.

Her Soul Purpose is here to serve Love, to serve Truth, to serve the Awakening of Humanity. It is her vision to share these ancient sacred practices with as many people as possible.


Before her awakening journey, she was an Australian lawyer and worked briefly at international law firms in Melbourne and Hong Kong (BCom, Juris Doctor, University of Melbourne). She was also an internet entrepreneur running her start-up in Shanghai for one year.

You can read more about her on her website

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