About Melbourne Tantra Festival


We at Melbourne Tantra Festival want to create a conscious and contemporary space for people to come together to share their interpretations and experience of Tantra. Facilitators are invited to bring their understanding of the ancient practise of Tantra, translating it to the community of the 21st century and how it fits to our modern society.

The theme of MTF2020 is Dance of Polarity; representing the nature and co-existence of masculine and feminine, the yin and yang.

This years festival will be a container for us to come together for a deeper experience, building on the fundamentals from last years festival. We will explore deeper love, connection, transformation, authenticity, growth, healing, expansion, pleasure, vulnerability and fun together in this space. The work will be guided by renowned facilitators and healers from Australia and Internationally to support you fully during this journey.

About Tantra

Love • Energy Work • Expression • Meditation • Authenticity • Healing • Consciousness • Celebration Union • Life Force • Polarity • Wisdom • Alignment • Transformation • Connection • Sacred Sexuality Freedom • Oneness • Honesty • Compassion • Self-Care • Presence • Self Realisation • Evolution

When working with Tantra, you work with your sexual energy, your life force driving you throughout life to create. Tantra is about transformation and transcendence of your sexual energy, to understand and embrace your inner polarities of feminine and masculine, light and darkness. Tantra is a beautiful path to uncover our core wounds and shadows around relating, to work on the shame around our sexuality so we can heal and transform into whole and complete beings. Tantra is a path towards loving ourselves unconditionally and from this place of wholeness and completeness can we truly relate and share our love with others and the world without fear.

The popular view about Tantra is that Tantra is all about sex. Whilst in Tantra we work with our sexual energy, which is connected to our life force, the essence of Tantra is about the transformation of sexual energy into higher transpersonal growth and evolution, through various meditation techniques.

The classic text of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra detailed 112 meditation techniques for awakening and 6 of those are directly linked to the sexual act. Tantra is about integrating a holistic approach to life by embracing our sexuality, mind, body, spirit and consciousness to come as one. Tantra is about Love, unconditional love for ourselves and others. Tantra is about Union, inner union and outer union, the outer union is simply a reflection of the inner union.

Tantra is a path to self-realisation and it is known as the higher path as Tantra embraces all aspects of life, the whole spectrum of our emotions and human experience. One does not need to abandon life to become enlightened. Tantra says one can be enlightened in the Here Now, living in this material world and in this physical body.

The Sanskrit word Tantra means “practise, technique, weaving and system”. Tantra empowers us with techniques and tools to help us to expand our consciousness. Tantra is about energy, presence, meditation and consciousness.

Also, contrary to popular belief, one does not necessarily need a partner to practice Tantra. Tantra can be practiced by oneself, on oneself. Tantra is about the inner union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies unifying to becoming whole and complete within yourself.

Tantra is All Inclusive. Whether you are single looking for more connection within yourself and with others, a couple wanting to deepen your connection and intimacy, in a partnership but want to explore Tantra independently or a group of friends, we welcome you all.

The purpose of the Melbourne Tantra Festival is to share the ancient and modern wisdoms of Tantra so we can all benefit from practising Tantra in our everyday life, to expand our consciousness and capacity to give and receive Love and bringing the sacredness into all aspects of our beings and our lives.